Farna: Tour in USA and a clip in Miami!

26. července 2011 v 20:08 | marky-tánka |  NEWS

Ewa goes for a tour in USA in September!
It starts in San Francisco and ends in New York, but how many concerts contains was not said yet. The public will be formed by Czech, Polish and Slovak emigrants. One or two concerts will take place in some American music clubs.
And Ewa and her team will use the "trip" to make a new videoclip in Miami, but isn´t known for which song.

The only thing she is afraid of is all to be well arranged and to comunicate to the public. Expressions that may be choosen will be "put your hands in the air; you´re great, thank you, that´s all what I want to say" and the like:).

She´s started to learn to drive the car at a driving school, so she put out a warning for pedestrians in Prague. She chose Prague as a place for her driving because when she comes home to Vendryně, it will be calmer and less stresfull than in the opposite way.
The lessons of driving school aren´t the only ones she attends. The other courses are English, playing the guitar and drums, dance, pilates and traditionally - singing. All because of her birthday-concerts(one in PL and one in Czech Republic, both in September). ,,I want it to be perfect."

She said that her guests at the Czech birthday-concert will be a Czech band Toxique and a wizard Robert Fox, among others. In Poland, there will be a bit "zoo". There will be a live lion on the stage! But in a cage only:). ,,Because I´m Leo, I got an idea and because I´ve got a totally crazy producer, I wrote him:,,What about to have a live lion on the stage." And he replied:,,I´m arranging it.":)

A DVD will be recorded on both sides of the border, as well.


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